Some artists are talented, sound good & are entertaining. Yet, what they lack is creativity, originality & a certain amount of magic that makes them at the least — interesting. I received this latest vinyl LP & when I placed the phono cartridge (needle) down on the groove I was pleasantly surprised to discover an exhilarating vocal — sprung from an old-world seed… READ MORE

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A long and winding path twisted, turned, and took Mary McGuinness right back to herself. The Los Angeles-based songstress studied opera at Manhattan School of Music and logged a stint on Broadway before fronting an early musical project. In between cutting four albums, she went on the road, supporting everyone from TRAIN and Kenny Loggins to Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Shawn Colvin. In 2019, she went back to singing the folk and country music she’s always loved best, reclaimed her birth name, and recorded her proper independent debut record, Prodigal.

Working among a circle of close friends, she recorded seven tracks in just five days at Joel Shearer’s studio in North Hollywood, with producer Lawrence Katz at the helm. As if penning her own chapter of the American songbook, she threaded together a patchwork of eloquent folk, dusty country, and heartfelt Americana. Piano, pedal steel, guitar, mandolin, and banjo entwined with her honey-smooth delivery as she detailed the ups and downs (and everything in between) on her journey thus far as captured via singles such as “Silver Edge” and “Prodigal.”

Outside of music, Mary remains a staunch animal rights supporter. She volunteered at Amanda Foundation for years and raised money to rehabilitate a special Pitbull named “Jade” by hosting poker games at her home. Additionally, she has supported NKLA and Wolf Connection and fundraised through various Humane Societies coast-to-coast via touring. Additionally, her Spotify page includes a portal to donate to Wolf Connection.

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