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“Double Vision” premiered at Americana UK 12/14


I’ve written about Texas-born, Nashville-based Mary McGuinness before. I know I won’t be surprised by the quality of her work. She’s sung about dark times but with a voice that’s got a drop of angst & melancholy to smoke a tune down to its filter. But Mary surfaces each time with beauty in her melodies. It may be the timbre of her voice, but this isn’t a cheesy shallow singer desperately seeking taste in her work. She always has sustenance. Mary sings… READ MORE

SHADOWCATCHER is a richly diverse album held together by Mary McGuinness’ gorgeous voice and some astute sequencing, which juxtaposes the illuminating Bounded Beauty, which is bookended by windswept Country-Folk of Spellbreaker and the punchy Springtime Thunder that all tap into different parts of the Country spectrum; but work exceptionally well, one after the other… READ MORE

Born in Fort Hood, Texas and now resident in Nashville, Tennessee, singer-songwriter Mary McGuinness had her share of life’s ups and downs but, if her latest album, Shadowcatcher, is anything to go by, then she’s definitely enjoying a period of the ‘ups’ at the moment. It’s a pristine album, the perfect showcase for her clear-as-crystal, versatile-as-cinnamon voice… READ MORE

Some artists are talented, sound good & are entertaining. Yet, what they lack is creativity, originality & a certain amount of magic that makes them at the least — interesting. I received this latest vinyl LP & when I placed the phono cartridge (needle) down on the groove I was pleasantly surprised to discover an exhilarating vocal — sprung from an old-world seed… READ MORE

Sinister Girlz – Best Album 2020

Rooted in country music Mary McGuinness’ “Prodigal” is a magical and enticing experience. With her smoky vocals and thoughtful lyrics as beautifully showcased in “Butterfly,” and title track, “Prodigal” the album is charming and one that will make you hit replay over and over again.

What makes Prodigal a stellar album is the combination of McGuinness’ smooth vocals and enticing instrumentation. In titled track, “Prodigal” the songstress sings, “…I’ve been so low, shine a light on me…been a stranger living in this world. Nothing left to lose nothing left to say, dream of acceptance and your warm embrace.” Her voice is silky smooth, and the writing is reflective and full of perception. Her songwriting shines in the seven-track album. It’s hard to believe that this record was recorded in just five days. For these reasons and among others Mary McGuinness’ “Prodigal” is our selection for Best album of 2020.

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“Double Vision”

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Mary McGuinness:

“There’s a reason Mary is an acclaimed artist. It’s all here”- John Apice, Americana Highways, 2024

Mary McGuinness is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter with a “clear-as-crystal, versatile-as-cinnamon voice” (John Barlass, At The Barrier). Her music is an intoxicating / windswept / heady / lucid blend of folk, country, sophisticated soft rock and americana: a contemporary nod to the sound of Laurel Canyon that critics have compared to Linda Ronstadt, Fleetwood Mac, Jane Olivor, Diana Krall and Madeleine Peyroux.
“Mary McGuinness could fill the void left by Linda Ronstadt’s forced retirement; and I don’t say that lightly” – Alan Harrison, The Rocking Magpie

Mary was born in Fort Hood, Texas, to a Korean mother and an Irish-Scottish Green Beret father, with a Korean lineage that can be traced back to the renowned poet Hwang Jin-I. She transcended a difficult childhood to major in classical voice at the Manhattan School of Music. After completing her studies, Mary’s determination led her first to Los Angeles, and then to Nashville, Tennessee, where she has found her musical home. She has toured twice across the country with Kenny Loggins and opened for artists including Train, Counting Crows, Gavin DeGraw, Donovan and Todd Rundgren. Mary has also appeared on the Billboard Electronic Dance Chart, including a #1 hit under a pseudonym, and has worked with producers Jim Scott (Wilco) and Mark Needham (The Killers, Imagine Dragons).

In 2020 Mary made her debut as Mary McGuinness with Prodigal, which made it onto SinisterGirlz’ best albums of 2020 list. Her newest album, Shadowcatcher, was recorded in collaboration with producer Joe Pisapia, and has been collecting glowing reviews since its release in January 2024.Shadowcatcher is a contemporary homage to The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Cat Stevens and The Beatles, and reflects Mary’s multicultural heritage, her journey through adversity and healing, and her unbreakable spirit.
“Sometimes, you just don’t want an album to end; Shadowcatcher is a case in point.” – John Barlass, At TheBarrier
Shadowcatcher is out now.